“In January 2018, a 12-month pilot phase came to an end and Esfuerzo Seguro is now on “expansion mode” in Guatemala! Credits in almost 600 branches throughout the country can now be protected with catastrophe microinsurance, sold by more than 1,500 Banrural credit officers, who were trained for that purpose. Over 3,600 policies had been sold by mid-March with sales getting stronger.”

Esfuerzo Seguro was designed together with our partners Aseguradora Rural and Banrural in Guatemala, and the first index-based insurance product in Central America protecting vulnerable and low-income segments of the population against the business interruption caused by earthquakes, droughts, and severe rainfall.

In case of a loss, the process is simple and allows for quick pay-outs when they are most needed (see figure).

It is just a year ago that the first policies were sold, but we are, at this early stage, already receiving very encouraging messages from our clients. To learn more about our amazing clients and their daily lives, please watch this video: 


How many small and micro-entrepreneurs is Esfuerzo Seguro protecting? 

By mid-March 2018, more than 3,600 small and micro-entrepreneurs were insured by Esfuerzo Seguro against business interruption caused by drought, excess rain, and earthquake, totaling a productive activity sum insured of USD 3.6 million, an average of USD 1,000 per client. 

Who are the Esfuerzo Seguro clients?

Six out of ten clients are women and the same proportion holds for clients with agricultural activities. 

The most predominant agricultural produce is coffee, while there is a large proportion of non-agro clients with small shops.



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